Question #7 on Reading Comp

Hey, guys!

Please ignore the “three themes” part of Question #7 on your Chapter 17 reading comprehension questions. Last year we broke the theme into three parts, and I forgot to update that question. You can answer it based on the overall theme of Hiram’s coming-of-age.

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Ms. Strand



**Until further notice, all HW assignments will be posted on Veracross only**

The blog will be used for certain assignments and class news

Homework, Week Five

Day One – Read, highlight, and fill out signatures for your Academic Integrity Policy form.

Day Two – Read the first 20 pages of Mississippi Trial, 1955. Send an email to Ms. Strand FROM YOUR PINEWOOD EMAIL that shares one part you like.

Day Three – Live With Your Poem. Remember that this time you need to CREATE something, not just bring something in.

Disregard “literary terms” reference

Hi, students! Sorry for the confusion over question #4 on TMDG reading comprehension questions. I haven’t given you the literary terms sheet yet. Many of you were problem-solvers and looked the definition up yourselves (good job!), but for those of you still scratching your heads, here’s what you’ll read when you do get the sheet:

  • irony – a contrast between what appears to be said and what really is; a subtly humorous perception of inconsistency

Missing Work

I am missing reading comprehension questions from the following students. Most of you are just missing your questions on Rain Is Not My Indian Name. You currently have an incomplete in Veracross (which translates to a zero).

G Period: Marcus, Shelby, Matthew R.

H Period: Keenan, Neel, Cache

*Tyson, I need to record your grades. Please show me your questions on Tuesday.



Homework, Week Four

Day One (assigned Monday, due Tuesday) – Finish reading & marking “The Most Dangerous Game” and/or finish your Chew On This class work.

Day Two (assigned Tuesday, due Thursday) – Complete “The Most Dangerous Game” reading comprehension questions. Bring in your Chew On This book + summaries/interesting facts.

Day Three (assigned Thursday, due Friday) – Complete page on assigned Chew On This chapter for the class book we’re creating. Follow the directions given in class.

Day Four (assigned Friday, due Tuesday) – Same HW as the day before (class trips are on Friday).

Monday’s HW (September 17th)

Hi, readers! Since I’ll be in Ashland on Monday and won’t be there in class to tell you what the HW is, I wanted to post early (I also wrote this HW on the letter I gave you in class today). Your HW is to finish reading and marking “The Most Dangerous Game” for foreshadowing and vivid language (vivid language = strong descriptions and figurative language).